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"Fear of flying kept me grounded for decades. After just a few sessions with Tim, I've not only flown but have two more flights booked this year. I can't thank you enough!." - Boston, MA

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What is the root of your fear, is it Turbulence? Mechanical Failures? Not being in Control? These are just a few of the common concerns that will cause your anxiety to peak in the weeks leading up to a flight, or even just reading this. As the days get closer, the snowball effect kicks in and your anxiety elevates to a point where you are ready to call up the airline, and cancel the flight. Or maybe you didn’t even book the flight yet, and now there is no way that you are doing it.

If this summarizes your thought process on air travel, it is important for you to know that the anxiety is fueling your fear, and the only way for you reverse that, is to be able to think about flight form a more rational, and realistic point of view, which comes from knowledge. 
We have worked with countless flyers that have grounded themselves for years, over fears that were generated in their own anxious minds, and ultimately made the final decision as to whether or not they could fly.

Your mind will manifest many different scenarios that can be scary to many. The importance is being able to separate fueling anxious thoughts from reality. Learn more by speaking with one of our instructors, with a no obligation, Free Consultation


Am I a candidate?

Our typical clients either avoid flying or spend the weeks leading up to their flight anxious and nauseous. If this sounds like you, we can help. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, this is your opportunity to fly without fear. But what if you don’t sound like one of our “typical” clients? Take the 3-minute Do I Have a Fear of Flying Questionnaire. Afterward, you’ll receive a complimentary discovery call to determine whether FlyHome courses are right for you and if not, how to find the best solution for you.

Timothy Griffin, ATP, CFI, CFII, is the Founder and Lead Instructor for FlyHome. His experience stems from traveling Domestically and Internationally, for former Presidents of the United States, Fortune 500 CEO’s, Forbes top 100 and Hollywood Personalities. After enrollment, you will be paired with Captain Tim and he will guide you to become a confident flyer, and help you to stop worrying about things that you shouldn’t be worrying about!

How Can FlyHome Help Me?

  • One-on-one, personalized attention, available wherever you live
  • No pre-recorded lectures that don't apply to you, or generate additional fears
  • Access to your instructor immediately prior to your trip, to alleviate concerns about:
    • Aircraft type
    • Route of flight
    • Weather
    • Turbulence Reports
    • Anxiety Relief
  • If you're a first-time flyer, or it's been a while, you may choose to fly with your instructor by your side on a local commercial flight (In-Flight Consultation) for help with your flight anxiety.
View footage from inside of the cockpit to see first-hand what the science of turbulence is all about, and why you shouldn't fear it.


Looking for an Online Course to complete on your own? Pre-Register now for our Flight21™ Online Course

What is Flight21™? An online course dedicated to change the way you feel leading up to your flight. If you find yourself constantly thinking about your upcoming flight, you've likely formed a habit of being nervous about flying. Statistics say that 90% of everything that people do is habitual, however, you can successfully overcome a habit in three weeks. The Flight21™ course will provide 21 days worth of short lessons to re-program how you think about your approaching flight. Complete the form below to be notified when the course is available!

  • Turbulence
  • Air Traffic Control Systems
  • Pilot Training and Testing Requirements
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Anxiety Reducing Techniques
  • Airplane 101
  • Weather

On top of all that, FlyHome and Flight21™ enrolled clients receive unrestricted access to MyFlight Forecast™ – a website that allows the passenger to view in flight weather conditions, including locations of turbulence. Armed with your new knowledge, experience, and tools at your fingertips, all of us at FlyHome are excited to see all the places you'll go!

Looking for your Flight Forecast? check it with:

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Online Classroom
One-to-One Instruction
Multiple Session with Professional Pilot
Briefing Before Flight
Instructor In-Flight



Q: Covid-19 and Flying, is it safe?

A: The air in the cabin of a commercial airliner is replaced entirely every few minutes. Additionally, aircraft are equipped with hospital grade HEPA filtration systems.

Q: How does this course help me in Flying Without Fear?

A: Learning is defined as a change in behavior, as a result of experience. FlyHome’s instructors will teach you what you need to know to make you feel comfortable on board, including sounds, feelings, turbulence and weather. Most importantly, we address your “What If” thoughts and help you learn how to deal with fear of flying.

Q: I have tried other courses and I am still not Flying without Fear, how is this course different?

A: FlyHomes courses are all one on one, non-group setting, no CD’s, DVD’s or Books. Our instructors work one on one with you, and focus on your specific fears, which will teach you how to conquer your anxiety

Q: What other courses does FlyHome offer to help me get over my fear?

A: FlyHome instructors can fly with you on commercial flights as part of our “In Flight Consultation” Course. This course has been greatly beneficial for first time flyers, as well as business travelers that need to get somewhere.

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